Relaxation Suite

Our Relaxation Suite was developed to combine clinically backed relaxation methods and immersive Virtual Reality visuals and sound.

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and see how our PTSD Suite can enhance the way you conduct exposure therapy!

Relaxation Suite Features:

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

Progressive muscle relaxation helps patients become more attuned to muscular tension caused by stress. This module includes narration for progressive muscle relaxation and relaxation of 8 muscle groups.

Mindfulness Meditation

Anxiety about the past or the future often creates stress and tension in the present. Mindfulness meditation focused on the present moment and switches attention to your sensory experiences and inner awareness.

Deep Breathing

The foundation of many relaxation strategies, deep breathing, helps patients reduce stress or tension. This module includes patient instructions for Paced Breathing, Purposeful Breathing, and 5x5 Breathing.

Guided Imagery

A form of meditation, guided imagery, involves a patient being immersed in a detailed, relaxing sensory experience.

Immersive Visuals and Sound

Each program includes 4 soothing 360 videos, 5 relaxing background tracks as well as narration to guide the patient through the experience.

Immersive Olfactory Experience

A scent machine can be used to deliver situation-relevant scents.

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