Child and Family Services

At The Clinic at Virtually Better, we provide a wide range of clinical services to help children, adolescents and families.

We strive to deliver high-quality evaluation, therapy and consultation services that are practical and solution-focused and increase patient productivity, confidence and happiness. Our psychologists have strong behavioral and cognitive-behavioral therapy backgrounds, and they utilize these and other techniques to treat the patient and educate/encourage family members in the therapeutic process. Our focus on a warm environment, positive techniques, and team approach contribute to a successful therapeutic experience, and allow for significant and lasting improvements.

We can assist you if your child or adolescent is:

  • Sad or depressed
  • Anxious or fearful
  • Demonstrating attention problems or signs of ADHD
  • Exhibiting significant behavioral problems at home or school
  • Having problems controlling anger or frustration
  • Experiencing eating disorders (anorexia, bulimia), general eating concerns
  • Struggling with body dissatisfaction, overweight/obesity
  • Performing poorly or inconsistently in school
  • Demonstrating poor social skills or having difficulty making or keeping friends
  • Showing signs of Autism or Asperger’s Syndrome
  • Struggling with a major life change such as a move, separation, divorce, or death of a family member

If your child is 3-years-old or above and is experiencing these types of difficulties, we encourage you to call and make an appointment. Your child’s strengths as well as needs will be assessed, and your therapist will develop a specific, customized plan to best meet his/her needs. From there, therapy focused on the child, parent-child interactions and appropriate consultation with schools or medical professionals can foster success and positive adjustment. The earlier a child gets help, the sooner that child can overcome difficulties and achieve his/her potential.

If you have additional questions about our treatment services or would like to make an appointment, please connect with one of our psychologists today. We are available to speak with you and answer your questions.