Products Overview

We offer a range of virtual reality products for use in behavioral healthcare treatments, including exposure therapy for a variety of phobias, substance use disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as various relaxation protocols.

We offer complete comprehensive hardware/software packages - and if you already have the necessary hardware, some of our solutions are downloadable!

We also offer training in Prolonged Exposure Therapy as well as Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy - VBI is an APA-approved sponsor of Continuing Education.

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Our Integrated Systems

For the best user experience, we partner our software with the best hardware available - choose the system based on the practice needs of your setting:

1. Our Comprehensive Integrated System - This integrated system includes the hardware and software necessary for both BRAVEMIND 2.0 and the VBI VR SYSTEM all in one package.

2. The VBI or BRAVEMIND VR System - This system includes the hardware and software necessary for either BRAVEMIND 2.0 or the VBI VR SYSTEM.

Our products are only available to licensed providers.

Our Virtual Reality Software Suites