PTSD Suite

Bravemind is an application for clinicians specializing in treating
Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

(Courtesy of USC Institute of Creative Technologies)

and see how our PTSD Suite can enhance the way you conduct exposure therapy!

Bravemind Features:

Makes Possible the Impractical

Alternative to conducting exposure in a war zone and/or re-traumatizing individual with combat-related PTSD. Two main virtual environments included: Iraq and Afghanistan.

Increased Treatment Response

Environments that allow for patients to add their unique memory overlay increase the potency of exposures, improve treatment response, with reduced resource demands.

Interactive Controls

Each scenario allows the clinician to customize the environment to include explosions, firefights, insurgent attacks, and roadside bombs. Extent of coalition forces and civilian injuries, damage to the vehicle (if convoy scenario is used) and directional explosions can be changed.

Immersive Sound

Sound effects include the typical sounds of a combat zone (e.g., weapon discharge), ambient city noises (e.g., call to prayer, insects buzzing, etc), radio chatter, aircraft overhead, and more.

Immersive Sensations

Vibrotactile feedback delivers sensations normally associated with engine rumbling, explosions, firefights, and corresponding ambient noises.

Immersive Olfactory Experience

Scent machine can be used to deliver situation-relevant scents (e.g., cordite, diesel fuel, garbage, gunpowder, etc).

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