Pivoting to a Virtual Office Setting

April 2020

Say What?

Well, no one predicted two weeks ago that most US psychological practices would be pivoting to a virtual version of themselves! What a difference a week makes as we all pack up our material settings and transform our home spaces and family routines to make way for a digital delivery zone! Not only are we shifting gears from the office side, our patients are shifting gears as well. We are embarking on a whole new normal that includes copious amounts of on-line, internet, and digital engagements which are having unprecedented resetting value to the earth’s environment all while resulting in increased family time, physical distancing from familiar faces and routines, and general global uncertainty.

Virtually Better, Inc. has been helping clinicians make possible the impractical for over two decades, and we are readying to do the same now. We were the pioneers to bring technology to build solutions for clinical practice conundrums. We have been able to bring expensive to find, navigate, and repeat environments such as airports, tall buildings, mountain bridges, and audiences in auditoriums into 10x14 office settings. We are able to connect veterans to environments in Iran and Afghanistan within your office setting. We are able to help clinicians deliver empirically validated intervention tools to families and children via on-line platforms.


How do virtual solutions benefit patients?

As we are all pivoting our practices to respond to physical movement limitations on a global level, many psychologists have rapidly moved to entirely online services for both existing and new patients. While this is a sharp and ongoing learning curve that may involve new electronic record integration and practice tools, many psychologists are finding they are left without their library of resources typically used for handouts, references, and patient tools as these have been left behind in shuttered offices or not feasible to ‘mail out’ to patients in the current phase of responding to COVID-19 recommendations. Providers are dramatically shifting to creative solutions within the HIPAA guidelines and requirements and seeking even newer approaches to sharing information and creating collaborative and engaging treatment goals, homework, exposures, and such. In many cases, patients only current access to mental health care is via telepsychological practices and primarily via online web-based service solutions (both synchronous and asynchronous).

How do virtual solutions benefit providers?

Virtual practice solutions can provide much support for providers in these changing times, including rapid access to colleagues (via specialty consultation groups), access to expert guidance without having to have direct contact with the expert, and options that can provide a multitude of immersive environments to be available without leaving the office setting, making titrated exposures for clinical, research and training significantly more practical than finding real-life opportunities which could be influenced by unpredictable factors and not replicated easily. Whether a niche market practice or a customized software solution for your specific need, virtual solutions can offer various tools that elevate the possibilities for positive outcomes.

How can VBI help you?

Virtually Better, Inc. was first to bring together engineers and psychologists to create environments to address everyday impracticalities for therapists, researchers, and employers. Our expert team of researchers, developers, and artists are uniquely ready to assist you in bringing your ideal environments to life. We are working diligently to bring new solutions to meet your new online practice needs, and will be delivering several updated applications to supplement your online practice in the coming months.