Messy Memories Study

Mobile App Study for Frontline Healthcare Workers

You may be eligible to enroll in a study investigating a mobile application intended to aid in coping with traumatic experience(s). This is a randomized clinical trial that involves logging into and interacting with a mobile application for a minimum of 20-30 min at least 2-3 times a week.

Principal Investigators:

Sheila A.M. Rauch, PhD
Barbara 0. Rothbaum, PhD


Brain Health Center
12 Executive Park Dr NE
Atlanta, GA 30329

The length of study participation will be 4 weeks total and includes weekly surveys, completed electronically on your own time. All study involvement is remote and does not require you to travel to a study site.

  • Participation is fully remote
  • Little time commitment
  • All participants will receive monetary compensation for completing the study
  • All inquiries and participation is confidential

To enroll you...

  • Must provide direct patient contact
  • Experienced a stressful or traumatic event
  • Must be over the age of 18