Virtually Resilient


A Virtual Reality application that helps build resilience to the everyday stress nurses are exposed to.

Clinician burnout is a serious issue in the healthcare profession. In fact, among nurses alone, as many as 23% or more of the nursing population leave their jobs each year, due to stress-related conditions resulting from very challenging work environments. The overall cost associated with the segment of nurse turnover, just in trauma-related environments, is estimated to be over $14 billion annually.

Virtually Resilient is being developed to address this issue with a traditional classroom training curriculum combined with a VR-based immersion environment. The VR solution is designed to be used during formal training and education prior to healthcare workers entering their fields, as well as to be used in ongoing continuing education environments and other programs focused on improving overall resiliency to highly stressful situations.

Virtually Resilient is currently in development, and the VBI team welcomes inquiries both for possible usage and potential investors.

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