Virtual Reality Exposure (VRE) Therapy Training

Introductory VRE training for clinicians.

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Margo Adams Larsen

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This 2-day training is designed as an introductory workshop for clinicians who use prolonged exposure (PE) therapy and who would like to partner virtual reality environments for exposures within their practice setting. It includes the theoretical and empirical basis for VRE, instructions on creating VR exposures, role plays, videos, vignettes, and in-depth Q&A. It is an excellent next course for those who have completed the Prolonged Exposure (PE) Therapy 3-day Workshop. Please come prepared to engage in role-plays and interactive learning through-out this 2-day clinically-focused workshop!!

At the successful completion of the training, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the specific components of a typical Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy (VRE) System
  • Summarize the emotional processing theory as applied to VRE
  • Describe the VRE protocol for PTSD and various anxietybased disorders
  • Select and design VR exposures to match patient needs
  • Use emotional processing theory to guide VR exposures
  • Prepare for everyday implementation of VRE at one's clinical setting

Attendees will be eligible for up to 13.5 APA CE credits (daily schedules vary). No partial credit is able to be given.